Welcome to our new community. Please read this page thoroughly before signing up. This page will walk you through the benefits and expectations of this site. Tell you about your chat options and how you can get to know each other better.

Our goal is to make everyone feel safe on and off the site. Our motto is to knowb4ugo. Please make sure that you feel comfortable before going to meet anyone, and most importantly make sure that you are both on the same page. Safety is our number one priority.


Greetb4umeet is such a great concept. This site encourages you to instantly text chat, voice chat, and video chat before going to meet anyone. You will have a chance to check out all of your possibilities for companionship, before leaving the comfort of your own home. This site is sure to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed before meeting.

Get comfortable online before going to meet in person. This will help ease some of the tension that comes with a first time meet and greet. By taking advantage of these chat options, you will have a chance to get important questions out of the way. Helping you to skip past those awkward icebreaker moments. Deminishing any thoughts and fears of the unknown. Making it possible to let loose and have fun when the time comes.

You will get to see who's online. You will have the option to instantly text chat, voice or video chat. Decide when you are comfortable with meeting. Come to a mutual agreement on a time and place. You can even chose to meet at a public place for the first time meeting. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. You can also make the executive decision of when and if you would like to give out your personal information. Including pictures, videos, and personal phone numbers. It's all your choice!

You will get to chose your personal requirements while prepping your profile page. To avoid any confusion, your personal requirements will be posted on your profile view. For best results (Please stick with your own personal requirements.) Never settle for less than what you want, and wait until you find exactly what you are looking for. Last but not least remember to always follow your gut instincts!


Keeping it real. The goal is to keep our community safe. If someone gets reported for their identity. They will be given an opportunity to prove their identity, or they will be banned from our community. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULES! Quickest way to get banned from the site is by falsifying your identity or better known as catfishing.

protect your identity.

You can remain discreet on this site!. Your identity is safe here. Edit your privacy options. Decide who sees your profile information. Decide when you would like to exchange photos and videos. These are all very good options, if you would like to remain discreet on the site. Although not a good option if you are in a rush to find companionship, but these options are there!

keep your profile appropriate!

Keep your profile appropriate. For profiles that are service based. Photos and videos are recommended in order to speed up your appointment setting process. Please keep the content on your profile appropriate. What's done in the dark-stays in the dark. Enjoy your private video, voice and text chats. Feel free to express yourself and have fun on these gadgets. Please take advantage of these links to your privacy.


Search for men and women in your area . The green light next to the username means that they are online and ready to mingle. See who is ready to have fun in your area. You don't have to spend your Friday and Saturday nights alone anymore, or any other night for that matter. See what's out there for you and make that connection, or just sit back and wait for your chat box to ring! Show that you're interested by friending, following, or sending a virtual gift.

Companionship may come in many different forms on this website. You may be looking for a serious relationship or you may be wanting to indulge in a casual meeting. Have it your way! You may be in need of a nice relaxing massage after a long hard day of work. Whatever you are looking for, all of your companionship needs can be found here!

Read reviews, comments, and blogs in order to make an informed decision before going to meet someone. We also encourage you to write reviews, comments, and blogs. Please talk about your personal experiences. This may be helpful to someone else. Our goal is to keep our community safe, so any insight is helpful.

Safe exchange

Safe exchange. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. You can easily block them from seeing your profile. Write a comment or blog about your situation. We would like for everyone to remain safe and comfortable on this site. Please make a report to staff if anyone makes you uncomfortable in any way.

My personal experience

My personal story: I definitely missed out on an ample amount of opportunities for online dating. I did not feel comfortable making an informed decisions based on a picture alone. I skipped over a lot of profiles that did not have pictures. Fear of the unknown definitely stood in my way of finding happiness. I wanted to know more. I wanted to see more before going out on a date.

I wanted to see their personality, I wanted to hear their voice, and most of all I wanted to know that the person on the other end was really who they said they were. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in my opinion a thousand words is much better than a picture.

My reasoning for creating this website is to help people communicate and have a better chance of finding what they are looking for. I hope that you enjoy this website and all of the hard work and dedication that was put into it.

free website!!! You Must be at least 18 years old to join.

additional questions?

Please contact administration if you have any additional questions, or you would like to put your city on the map. This is a new website and we need to know where to promote. Thank you.

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Privacy Policy

This is a private community. Absolutely no Entrapment of any kind will be tolerated or allowed on this website.